What are these cases in Counter-Strike?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, cases are similar to trading cards—they can be common or rare. As a player, you’ll have the chance to earn one if it randomly drops in a game, specifically at the end of a match. Any player in the lobby has the opportunity to receive one, although there are times when 2-3 players in the lobby can earn more than one case. However, you should know that cases won’t be dropped unless there are adequate human players in the lobby.

csgo case

Cases drop every week, and the week starts on Thursday. You and other players can receive two cases per week.

Some players who aren’t patient enough to wait for a case to drop purchase cases from the Steam Marketplace. The prices of the cases in this marketplace vary from extremely low to expensive ones. Each case has a case list which you can click to allow you to check the weapons and camos you could receive from the case.

In CS:GO, it’s more advisable to play a lot of times to earn cases for free instead of purchasing them. But if you can afford, then there’s no problem.

What’s in a CS:GO case?

Each case has a weapon that comes with a camo. If the odds are in your favor, you could receive a StatTrack weapon from a case. Weapons can be very common, average, or extremely rare. Imagine, if you participate in case opening sites for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you could get a covert weapon like an AK-47 with a Vulcan skin, an AWP with a Medusa skin, or any of the other 42 ancient weapons!


If in case you happened to get the same weapon twice, you have the choice to keep it or sell it on the Steam Marketplace. All the weapons that you could get from the cases are all found in this marketplace.

How should I open a case?

Operation_Breakout_keyWith a key, of course! It’s just like playing pirate-treasure-hunting. Without the correct key, you can’t open the case and get the treasure inside. The same goes for CS:GO cases. You should have the key that will match the case. For instance, if you have an Operation Wildfire Case, you should also buy an Operation Wildfire key for that. Keys are priced at USD 2.49, and the price won’t change regardless of the type of key you’re going to buy. You can also get keys via trade if you don’t have the cash for one.

If all this made you excited, then I suggest you stop delaying and play in case opening sites now!

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