Inspirations: Top-Rated Beautiful Guesthouses

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Tourism continues to arise every year. More and more people are willing to spend their money for some time off. The need for guest houses has increased and the competition in designs and amenities became steeper for new business owners. We have collected the top-rated guesthouses based on their designs and customer feedbacks. Hope you can learn from here.

Casa Atrevida

Luz de Piedra Arquitectos is the mind behind this beautiful guest house in Costa Rica. Casa Atrevida accepts guests all year round earning from $2000 to $3500 per week. Bambu was the material used in building this beautiful guest house. It does really make you feel that you are living with nature like Tarzan. No wonder why people and come and go here in Casa Atrevida. The guest house has five bedrooms with bath and can accommodate up to ten persons. Preciosa Beach is just a walking distance away from the guest house and you can even see the magnificent beach on the second floor.

Casa Areia

Casa Areia symbolizes simplicity. It is a simple cottage found on the beach side of Portugal. There are no fancy furniture and walls, it is simply a beautifully designed cottage with a sandy floor. The materials used are wood and dried leaves making it one with nature. Inside the cottage, there are comfortable sofa’s which can be converted to a bed. Casa Areia is very straightforward when it comes to its functionality.

Laguna Beach Residence

Aside from striking beautiful views of ocean and nature, this place has all the amenities tourists dream about. The best thing about this place is the wine cellar, it is temperature controlled and can hold up to 1,500 bottles. Just imagine yourself drinking wine while gazing to the beautiful views of Catalina on a perfect day. You can also invite your friends over and you won’t have to worry about their parking because it can accommodate up to seven cars plus street parking privilege.

Luxury Modern Razor Residence

It was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham. The real deal about this place is the location. The panoramic view of the vast open sky and ocean makes this place a natural beauty. This guest house is made of mostly high-quality glasses so you could see the view right away by just drawing the curtains to the side. It also observes the proper lighting to give the modern design justice. The guest house is now for sale. If you have the budget, then go for it.

Improve Your House Design and Value with a Pool

Manor House Pool Hotel Swimming Pool Sri Lanka

Pools aren’t just for summertime. They add value to your home by improving your lifestyle—it encourages relaxation, wellness, entertainment, social development, and cleanliness. A home that comes with a swimming pool is always more expensive compared to a house that doesn’t have a pool. The resale price will still be higher because you can’t just ignore the pools’ financial impact.

Pools: A Wise Investment

In Australia, around 1.2 million houses have pools. A homeowner who chooses to add a swimming pool to his or her property is wise because it will not only add value to the home, but it will also be convenient. Families won’t have to travel far to have fun in a public pool. Plus, your entire family can enjoy even better because you’ll have more privacy. Your pool, your rules too.

Pools also foster fitness. After all, swimming is an excellent mental and physical exercise. It relieves the swimmers of stress, paves the way for relaxation, works the muscles out, and strengthens the heart and lungs.


Swimming isn’t the only thing that can serve as a physical workout. In fact, pool cleaning also strengthens the bones and muscles because you have to transport and maintain your pool cleaner too. This is much true if you’re using a manual pool cleaner. For more info on cleaners, go to

Now that we’ve settled why pools are worth investing in let’s take a look at the factors that affect the value of swimming pools.

Design of the Pool

Above-Ground Pool


This type of pool is cheaper compared to in-ground pools. Vinyl liners are priced from $3,500 to $6,500. Adding a timber deck will cost about $1,500 to $2,000. These pools have a small contribution to the increase of your property’s value. That’s because they can’t be considered 100% installed. After all, they aren’t affixed to the property.

In-Ground Pool

On the other hand, in-ground pools are more expensive because they require excavation which significantly affects the cost of expenses. In-ground pools could be fiberglass or concrete. Installing fiberglass shells range between $6,500 to $25,000 while installing the fiberglass pools could cost between $25,000 to $75,000. Meanwhile, installing a concrete pool can cost you an average of $50,000 to more than $100,000.

These pools add around 5 to 7 percent value to your home, but it could still vary. If your pool has a unique design that complements the design of your home, then it could add more value.

Whatever the design of your pool is, you should properly maintain it. I suggest you use a robotic pool cleaner to make sure your pool is debris-free all the time.

High-End Neighborhood

Manor House Pool Hotel Swimming Pool Sri Lanka

If your home belongs to an upscale neighborhood, chances are this will affect your pool’s value. You’ll attract more buyers if your house with a pool is situated in a high-end area.



Before installing a pool, you should also consider the climate. Pools are ideal in places that have a warm environment. If the pool won’t be maximized, then better not install one. After all, why add a feature to your property if you’re not even going to use it? If you’re in a cold climate, it’s best to rethink about installing a pool in your backyard.

How to Use a Tile Saw for a Perfect Guest House


Learn how to use a tile saw today to precisely cut tiles for your guest house. A tile saw is an essential saw that enables you to cut tiles to fit through corners and edges. They even allow you to produce special cuts like internal cutouts and L-shaped cuts.

Get your tile saw from and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Position the tile saw

DEWALT-D24000S-Wet-Tile-Saw-768x768The first step is to make sure the saw is placed on a sturdy and even surface. It’s ideal to position it on top of a heavy, sturdy table or directly on the floor of your guest house.

Step 2: Fill the reservoir with water

Put water in the saw’s reservoir. All tile saws have a container for water which is situated underneath the cutting surface. Check if you need to remove the reservoir first before filling it up. Make sure you put enough water so that the water pump is submerged.

Step 3: Place the tile onto the cutting table

Using a pencil, first mark the tile to indicate where you should cut. Next, get the tile that needs cutting and put it on the cutting table. Make adjustments to the fence so that when the tile is pushed against it, the blade will line up with the mark you’ve made earlier. Leave the widest part of your tile between the blade and the fence to keep your hand as distant as possible from the blade.

If you need to cut along the diagonal, place a miter guide between the fence and the tile to keep the tile positioned at a 45-degree angle to the blade.

Step 4: Plug it


Plug your tile saw and once the tile is ready to be cut, switch it on. Make sure the water is being sprayed onto the blade before the cutting of the tile.

Step 5: Feed the tile


Now, it’s time for your steady hands to work. With a tight grip, slowly feed the tile into the tile saw’s blade. Don’t force it into the blade quicker than it wants to; allow the blade to do its cutting job. Be careful about feeding the tile—do so slowly as to avoid any damage to the tile.

Step 6: Remove the tile

After the cutting process, remove the tile, switch off the saw and get rid of the cut pieces of tile. And that’s it! Now you can fit the tile perfectly into its designated place in your guest house.

How CS:GO Cases Work


What are these cases in Counter-Strike?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, cases are similar to trading cards—they can be common or rare. As a player, you’ll have the chance to earn one if it randomly drops in a game, specifically at the end of a match. Any player in the lobby has the opportunity to receive one, although there are times when 2-3 players in the lobby can earn more than one case. However, you should know that cases won’t be dropped unless there are adequate human players in the lobby.

csgo case

Cases drop every week, and the week starts on Thursday. You and other players can receive two cases per week.

Some players who aren’t patient enough to wait for a case to drop purchase cases from the Steam Marketplace. The prices of the cases in this marketplace vary from extremely low to expensive ones. Each case has a case list which you can click to allow you to check the weapons and camos you could receive from the case.

In CS:GO, it’s more advisable to play a lot of times to earn cases for free instead of purchasing them. But if you can afford, then there’s no problem.

What’s in a CS:GO case?

Each case has a weapon that comes with a camo. If the odds are in your favor, you could receive a StatTrack weapon from a case. Weapons can be very common, average, or extremely rare. Imagine, if you participate in case opening sites for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you could get a covert weapon like an AK-47 with a Vulcan skin, an AWP with a Medusa skin, or any of the other 42 ancient weapons!


If in case you happened to get the same weapon twice, you have the choice to keep it or sell it on the Steam Marketplace. All the weapons that you could get from the cases are all found in this marketplace.

How should I open a case?

Operation_Breakout_keyWith a key, of course! It’s just like playing pirate-treasure-hunting. Without the correct key, you can’t open the case and get the treasure inside. The same goes for CS:GO cases. You should have the key that will match the case. For instance, if you have an Operation Wildfire Case, you should also buy an Operation Wildfire key for that. Keys are priced at USD 2.49, and the price won’t change regardless of the type of key you’re going to buy. You can also get keys via trade if you don’t have the cash for one.

If all this made you excited, then I suggest you stop delaying and play in case opening sites now!

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Must-Haves In A Guesthouse


It’s not every day that we get to take a breather from our hectic work life that comes sometimes come with a lot with heat and tension from every corner of our offices. But when we finally get the chance to take one, we tend to just idle on the couch all day and just let sleep catch up with all those sleepless nights from making reports.

It’s also not every day that we get to make a changer from our frantic home life that sometimes come with a lot of pressure and strain from every corner of our rooms. And when we finally get the chance to make one, we tend to just laze on the bed all day and just let sleep catch up with all those restless days from doing chores.

Thus, it’s only right for you to consider having a guesthouse – not just for the sake of taking a breather from your hectic work life, but also for the sake of keeping yourself healthier physically as you get to take in the warm heat of the sun like no other and just as you would when you run as a form of exercise on a daily basis even if you’re planning to idle on the couch all day.

Thus, it’s also only right for you to consider having a guesthouse – not just for the sake of making a changer from your frantic home life, but also for the sake of keeping yourself fitter mentally as you get to take in the cool blow of the air like never before and just as you would when you meditate as a form of exercise on a weekly basis even if you’re planning to laze on the bed all day.

But as they say, first things first…

Here are some must-haves in a guesthouse:

  • A Memory Pillow. The reason for this is quite simple. It’s for you to have a much-needed good night’s sleep that doesn’t only help you refresh your body outside with its very own antioxidant properties, but also help you rejuvenate your body from the inside with its very own anti-inflammatory properties – and yes, just by sleeping with one.
  • A Reverse Osmosis. The reason for this is also quite simple. It’s for you to have a much-needed dose of vitamins that your body has expended profusely throughout those hectic work nights, as well as a much-needed dose of minerals that your brain has expended plentifully throughout those frantic home days – and yes, just by drinking with one.

For more on reverse osmosis, check out

Putting Up Your Own Guest House

guest house

Let’s face it. We all deserve to take a break.

Be it from doing chores at home or from making reports at work, we all need to take a breather from time to time. Even if it’s just from making projects at school, we still need to take a breather from time to time.

And what better way to do this than relaxing in your own guest house?

That being said, here are some tips and ideas when putting up your own guest house:

It should only have one purpose.

The main reason why you’re putting up your own guest house should be for you and your family to relax anytime you want. From here, you will be able to come up with a great design that is entirely meant for that purpose alone – freeing you from any worries you might have been facing for quite a while now in the real world.

Keep it simple.

Keeping it simple may be just that for some people, but the benefits that come with it is more than just that. For one, keeping it simple allows you to focus on what really matters – in this case, relaxing as much as you can – without worrying about anything else that will only make you feel more stressed than ever before. Just think of it as looking at anything green to improve your eyesight. You get the point.

It should only have your exclusivity.

While you do have the freedom to either make other people rent your guest house when not in use or have other people buy your guest house after certain renovations, it should only have your exclusivity – no matter what happens. And by this, it means what makes it the kind of place that other people would also love to relax in.

Do you have any other tips and ideas when putting up your own guest house? Let us know in the comments section below!

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