Putting up a guest house requires you to be trained in the hospitality area. Aside from providing your guest their basic needs, you can also offer additional services to earn some cash. Here are the basic services that you can add, to provide your guests the total VIP treatment.

Food Service

Like it or not, your guests will ask for food service. If your guest house is located in a secluded area where the availability of the restaurants are minimum to zero, you have to be prepared to providing them meals and snacks during their stay. Arrange a mini grocery area where they can buy drinks and snacks so they don’t have to go out and buy them somewhere else. Also, create a practical menu that are easy to prepare. Check All Recipes and Real Simple’s website to get ideas on what food you may include in your menu.

Cleaning Service

Since its a guest house, you can expect your guests to stay for a few days to a week. This means that you have to have a cleaning service to maintain the order and cleanliness of their rooms. They are on a vacation mode so you can’t expect them to be doing the tidying part. Hire personnels who will do it for you. Also make sure that they are trained and efficient in this position. You can undergo training yourself and you may train them personally to save money. Visit to access online training materials or you may enroll in hospitality schools. Visit the to get list of effective schools and programs in hospitality.

Massage Service

For massage services, you may include this as a package when they chose your guest house. You can hire therapists yourself or you may assign on call therapists. If you are  starter we suggest that you hire on call therapist to save money because you don’t have to pay them on a daily basis. Their pay is based on the sessions they contributed. If you don’t want to hire your own therapist, you may find someone near the area by going to and do the search for you guests in case they ask for it.