Are you planning to set up your own guess house? The first that comes to mind is what impression your guests would see. It could be romantic, elegant, homey, or warm. Most guest houses we have visited are consistent with the styles they incorporated to the whole look. We suggest that you do the same, so choose a design that perfectly match your personality and vision for your dream guest house. Let us give you some idea of what styles and designs you could choose from.


We are in the modernization period so we find this style very timely. To achieve the modern look of your guest house, buy furnitures that has a modern and artistic designs. Also, modern style means less. So you need a center piece and avoid too much displays. The look has to be neat with white and black accent. View allmodern’s collection and you might find something interesting.


Couples would really appreciate this style. Most of the guests you’ll encounter are couples so this style is really practical. Romantic interior design is combination of modern and old style. You’ll be incorporating both style together to create a balance look for your guest house. Houzz¬†website can give you ideas on how a romantic look should look like but off course, feel free to experiment. For the furnitures, you can get them at Leovan Design.


The vintage feel can make your guess house homey. It has warm and detailed accent. Vintage is more of using wood into the interior. Adding wooden flooring and wood burning fireplace can do the trick, and you can simply add vintage furnitures and display of your choice. Love To Know website gives great insight on how you can play with a vintage style, so check their website out.