Having great designs is not enough. Putting up your own guest house also means providing quality service. Your guest should have access to basic stuff to make themselves feel comfortable as if your guest house is their second home. It is your courtesy to your guests to be ready with these basic needs.

Soft and Clean Towels

Towels are basic need of guests when checking in to a hotel. Guest rooms are no different. Choose towels that are soft and comfortable to the skin. For the types of towels you should buy, we recommend the following:
Fable Vienne bath towel, Hydrocotton bath towel, and Cynthia Rowley bath towel.

Comfy Room Slippers

Unless you have heated floors, then you may skip the slippers but if you don’t, then make sure include this on the list. We hate cold floors because it can bring chills on the spine. So make sure that you have free-size, disposable slippers ready for your guests. You can also include few pairs of extra large size slippers in case you have a seven footer guest. You can find great deals if you buy wholesale. Check¬† for details of the wholesale price.

Soaps and Shampoos

As a host, your guests expect you to provide them with basic sanitary care like soaps and shampoos. To save money, provide them with small portions instead of providing the whole bottle of shampoo and whole bar of soaps. You may also personalize your soaps and shampoos as a way of branding. Inquire with Custom amenities to get a quote of how much it will cost.

Basic Dental Care

Like soaps and shampoos, as a host, it’ll be your courtesy to provide them with basic dental care like tooth paste, disposable toothbrush, and dental floss (optional). It doesn’t have to be fancy, just the ordinary stuff should do fine as long as you were able to provide them these dental care essentials.