Learn how to use a tile saw today to precisely cut tiles for your guest house. A tile saw is an essential saw that enables you to cut tiles to fit through corners and edges. They even allow you to produce special cuts like internal cutouts and L-shaped cuts.

Get your tile saw from and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Position the tile saw

DEWALT-D24000S-Wet-Tile-Saw-768x768The first step is to make sure the saw is placed on a sturdy and even surface. It’s ideal to position it on top of a heavy, sturdy table or directly on the floor of your guest house.

Step 2: Fill the reservoir with water

Put water in the saw’s reservoir. All tile saws have a container for water which is situated underneath the cutting surface. Check if you need to remove the reservoir first before filling it up. Make sure you put enough water so that the water pump is submerged.

Step 3: Place the tile onto the cutting table

Using a pencil, first mark the tile to indicate where you should cut. Next, get the tile that needs cutting and put it on the cutting table. Make adjustments to the fence so that when the tile is pushed against it, the blade will line up with the mark you’ve made earlier. Leave the widest part of your tile between the blade and the fence to keep your hand as distant as possible from the blade.

If you need to cut along the diagonal, place a miter guide between the fence and the tile to keep the tile positioned at a 45-degree angle to the blade.

Step 4: Plug it


Plug your tile saw and once the tile is ready to be cut, switch it on. Make sure the water is being sprayed onto the blade before the cutting of the tile.

Step 5: Feed the tile


Now, it’s time for your steady hands to work. With a tight grip, slowly feed the tile into the tile saw’s blade. Don’t force it into the blade quicker than it wants to; allow the blade to do its cutting job. Be careful about feeding the tile—do so slowly as to avoid any damage to the tile.

Step 6: Remove the tile

After the cutting process, remove the tile, switch off the saw and get rid of the cut pieces of tile. And that’s it! Now you can fit the tile perfectly into its designated place in your guest house.